$500,730,499 raised

Thanks to you, cancer has met its match.

When Phil and Penny Knight pledged $500 million for cancer research if OHSU could match it in two years, you rose to that challenge. Together, we've raised $1 billion to help take down cancer. Our next countdown is to cancer's end.


We fight cancer differently. We Win.

From this day forward, more cancers will be stopped in their tracks. More lives will be saved. And cancer's defeat will become our greatest legacy.

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Lethal becomes nonlethal.

OHSU revolutionized the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia with Gleevec®, the world's first targeted cancer treatment. For hundreds of thousands of people, CML is no longer a death sentence. That's one cancer down. Now we're going after other cancers as aggressively as they come after us.

Cancer can't last if we find it first.

We're building on OHSU's pioneering work in targeted treatments to launch a new revolution. Your support will help us stop cancer before it starts. We're bringing the top scientific minds together in the best-equipped facilities to develop new ways of finding lethal cancers at their earliest, most treatable stage. It's the biggest unmet need in cancer care today, and it's the fastest route to saving the most lives.

It all adds up to an unstoppable movement.

When Phil and Penny Knight issued their two-year fundraising challenge, some said it couldn't be done. But we know that together, anything is possible. The numbers tell the story:

  • $500 million matching gift from Phil and Penny Knight
  • $200 million investment by the State of Oregon
  • 10,000 donors from all 50 states in just 22 months

Together, that equals one billion new reasons for cancer to be afraid. And a billion is just the beginning. We are changing the fight against cancer forever.

You can Help us win.


To speak to someone about making a gift or becoming more involved in the Knight Cancer Challenge, please contact the OHSU Foundation.

To make a donation:

Call (503) 228-1730 or (800) 462-6608

1121 SW Salmon St., Suite 100
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To learn more about the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute:


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